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I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating and using Kaddie Sports golf simulator equipment. I have been instructed on how to use the equipment correctly.

I hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that I incur while attending, exercising or participating in  Kaddie Sports events. I hereby waive all claims against Kaddie Sports, it’s instructors, or partners of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims or damages that I might incur.


Video Release Form


The undersigned enters into the following agreement (“Agreement”) with Kaddie Sports (“Producer”). I have been informed that Producer is capturing footage and that my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance and/or performance is being recorded and made part of the recording in which I appear (“Product”).


1. I grant Producer and its designees the right to use the Product in any format, now known or later developed. I grant, without limitation, the right to edit, mix or duplicate and use or re-use Product in whole or in parts as Producer may elect. Producer or its designees have complete ownership of the Product, including copyright interests.

2. I grant Producer and its designees the right to broadcast, exhibit, market and otherwise distribute the Product, in whole or in parts, and alone or with other products, for any purpose Producer or its designees determine. This grant includes the right to use Product for promoting or publicising.

3. I have the right to enter into Agreement and am not restricted by commitments to third parties.

4. Producer has no financial commitment or obligations to me as a result of Agreement.

5. In consideration of all the above, I hereby acknowledge receipt of reasonable and fair consideration from Producer. I have read, understand and agree to all of the above and that the rights granted Producer herein are perpetual and worldwide: