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We will be testing the 4K Ultra HD golf simulators at the Foresight Sports demo facility and giving some data to you incase you are thinking of hiring or purchasing one of these bad boys. We will aim to get a video out to you in the week after. Keep up-to-date by subscribing up to our newsletter at the bottom of our website's home page.

We ended up going with the GC2 launch monitor due to our specific needs at the time of purchase and because of the type of software available on that specific device.


Lets talk about Launch monitors, What is a golf launch monitor, what are the best golf launch monitors and who are the latest golf simulator manufacturers.

This subject is relatively new, if you're not in the trade that is. You may be confused about what a golf simulator is? Have no fear we are going to break it down into easy to manage blog posts for you to better understand . As you will see form the next sentence there are many names for these devices but not all are the same.

We hear names like gc quad golf, golf monitors, launch monitor simulators. Now, some of these are correct but still a bit mixed up at the same time. Still confused? So am I, Keep reading I'll explain.

Whats it all about?.

Lets talk about, Launch monitors, What is a golf launch monitor, what are the best golf launch monitors and who are the latest golf simulator manufactures.

As far as we are concerned there are only two companies battling it out for the best launch monitor on the market. Foresight Sports and Trackman Golf. This post is about The Foresight Sports Range of launch monitors. for information on Trackman4 Use the link at the end of this post.

A golf simulator manufacturer refers to a company who produce or provide an all in one golf simulator systems like Foresight Sports. From this particular golf simulator manufacturer you can buy a golf launch monitor on its own, or a full scale golf simulator which uses a shot monitor as its engine. In terms of launch monitors they have either the GC2 launch monitor or the GC Quad launch monitor for sale. You can use one of these golf monitors down the range, on the course and even in your house. They are renowned for being accurate to one foot over 100 yards and this is why golf professionals of today like Rickie Fowler and Bryson Dechambeau use a foresight launch monitor to practice on a daily basis. so the question is what is a launch monitor?

GC Quad Launch Monitor

If you want to buy GC Quad you will need deep pockets as the Foresight GC Quad price UK is : £13,990 + VAT this would be a big investment if you are only intending to use this for personal practice but if you can afford to spend that much then its the most golf tech packed piece of kit on the market today. Total Inc VAT £16,788.

<-- Check out this promo video to get a feel for the GC Quad.

The GCQuad golf monitor gives you a wide range of shot data The following numbers taken from the Foresight Sports IOS Application are ball data results using the GC2 Launch Monitor.

Club Data

Club head speed

Club Efficiency

angle of attack

club path

face to path

club lie

club loft

club F-axis

Closing rate (dps)

Face Impact - Lateral/Vertical

Ball Data

Ball speed

Launch angle

Side Spin

Back Spin

Peak (yards)

Carry (yards)

Range (yards)

Oflline (yards)

Decent angle

So, lots of data being produced by the gcquad launch monitor which is very impressive. You can download the free app to save and diagnose the numbers, however, if you are new to this type of data you may get slightly over whelmed by it all. The best thing to do would be to find a coaching professional like Mark Crossfield or Rick Shiels who own a GC Quad and get some lessons before making a purchase. Please note this is a launch monitors golf professional's.

GC2 Launch Monitor

If you want to buy a GC2 (Game Changer 2) your pockets won't need to be a deep as as before because Foresight have reduced the Foresight GC2 launch monitor price UK to : £5,995 + VAT which is a great price now for what you get. Please note the GC2 on its own only produces the ball data shown above if you want to add club data you can buy the HMT unit (Head Measurement Technology) for an extra £5,195 + VAT. Total cost for both is £11,190 + VAT. Total Inc VAT £13,428

This is the launch monitor we use in our Kaddie Cubes to make a full scale, mobile GC2 simulator. We did test the GC Quad golf simulator but we found that the entertainment software we wanted to use was only usable on the GC2.

While we are on the subject of software, if you are thinking of going down the full simulator route you will need a virtual golf simulator software and games compatible for use with the GC machines. As it stands there are currently a few options

Creative Golf 3D - GC2

Foresight FSX Live GC2 & GCQuad

Zombie Golf - GC2 & GCQuad

Roulette Golf - GC2 & GCQuad

We aim to produce our very own golf software for use with the GC Systems in the near future. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information and release notifications.

Kaddie 2 You

If you are thinking of buying a GC2 Launch monitor and want to test it out please contact us for a demo. We also hire our launch monitors for personal practice by the hour. So if you can't quite squeeze the bank account to buy the pricey machines take advantage of our Kaddie 2 U hire service and use one of ours for an hour or two. Prices start at 25 per hour! Golf clubs in need of Launch monitor simulator can also contact us for long term rental solutions.

What you get with Kaddie 2 You.

We provide a GC2 Launch monitor at a location of you choosing. We currently serve Hertfordshire, London, Beds and Bucks. If you are outside of these areas please contact us for a chat, we will alway strive to meet your needs.

We work nationwide for our Kaddie Cube golf simulator hire service. If you want to pack a punch at your next event then read more here.

Other Launch Monitor Manufacturers.

There are other companies who produce Launch monitors but the only real rival to Foresight Sports is TrackMan Golf This is an American brand who are now manufacturing the Trackman 4. This is a brand with style like most American golf companies they know how to style it out. Check out the Trackman Doppler radar system post for more information (coming soon).

Trackman price UK £18,730

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