The Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Knowing how to pick the correct golf ball for your game is not only a fun journey and feels great when you get it right, but it can also fill you with confidence when faced with tricky shots and otherwise very difficult positions. All said, not a must for beginners!

The short answer is that fitting a golf ball is not very hard. It’s just a matter of measurements. All you have to do is hit a few shots using launch monitor or simulator, measure your ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rates and carry distance then get into a mindset where you really believe the ball makes a difference. Once you have all these factors set out, your fitter can offer you a ball that suits your numbers. This will send your confidence levels up, now all you need to do is repeatedly hit good shots because you can’t blame the ball anymore. To maintain shooting good golf scores, you will need more than a ball fitting as the art of golf will almost always take years to master. Good luck!

Long Answer!

If you’re a beginner to the game of golf you won't know what the best ball for you is, or technically know how to hit the perfect drive, but when you do catch a good one it's not only incredibly enjoyable and looks ace, but it gets your adrenaline pumping too.

Also, as a beginner hitting a good golf shot will raise questions in your mind. Was it the swing? Was it the ball I just hit? Typically saying I love these balls, then 3 holes later... These balls are S#!T.

If you’re just starting to play golf you will need to learn how to hit the 9 shots the pros use on a daily basis. These will help you to get over bushes, across ponds and challenge rough or uneven lies. Sorry burst your bubble, but a golf ball is not going to help you here.

How much do golf balls cost?

The price of golf balls can vary from £1 per ball to nearly £5 per ball. So the cost of playing golf can soon accumulate if you add 5 lost balls on top off your green fees and golf buggy hire into the equation.

Should beginners pay for golf balls?

No, truth be told, the best golf balls for beginners are... ready for this? FREE GOLF BALLS!

That's right... We said it out loud. As an absolute beginner golfer you will be losing lots of golf balls to start with, any golf balls you can find, beg or borrow will be the best ones for you. Please don't ever use split or damaged golf balls.

Once you have a better understanding of your game we can help you to accumulate your golf ball data via our Kaddie 2 You service, you will then be able to find a golf ball that better suits your game. For having a fun 9 hole with your mates you should use any old ball until you are hitting straight-ish golf shots.

More golf ball tips to help improve your game!

Always detail your golf ball so other players know it's yours.

Only clean your golf balls between holes or on the green.

Make sure to place a ball-mark behind your ball on the green before lifting and cleaning.

Please check for other players balls which may be in play around you before picking up stray balls.

Don't try to hit the ball. Just let it be in the swing's path.

It's not the balls fault. Keep calm and carry on!

continue reading for details on these tips.

Always detail your golf ball so you know it's yours.

You must always detail your golf ball before teeing off because it's the only way to identify your ball during play. If, for example, two players are playing identical balls and both land shots by the pin, if they are unmarked neither of player will be able to tell who's is who's once found together. R&A Rules Wrong Ball.

It's really easy to detail your ball. It may only be a blue dot next to the logo or a line marked around the ball. Whichever one you chose to do, try to make it your own trademark so you can always tell other players how to identify your ball when they are helping to find those stray shots or standing over your ball.

Always make sure to check your ball before playing your next shot. If you hit the wrong ball you will incur a two-stroke penalty. This only happened to me on Saturday. I shanked my 2nd shot over a crest, another player found a ball with a blue logo as described, however when I went to play my 3rd shot I discovered it was not the same logo. The wrong ball played - 2 stroke penalty - my fault.

Cleaning your golf ball.

During play, you can only clean your golf ball in between holes, or once marked on the green.

R&A Copy

A ball on the putting green may be cleaned when lifted under Rule 16-1b. Elsewhere, a ball may be cleaned when lifted, except when it has been lifted:

a. To determine if it is unfit for play (Rule 5-3);

b. For identification (Rule 12-2), in which case it may be cleaned only to the extent necessary for identification; or

c. Because it is assisting or interfering with play (Rule 22).

If a player cleans his ball during play of a hole except as provided in this Rule, he incurs a penalty of one stroke and the ball, if lifted, must be replaced.

If a player who is required to replace a ball fails to do so, he incurs the general penalty under the applicable Rule, but there is no additional penalty under Rule 21.

Exception: If a player incurs a penalty for failing to act in accordance with Rule 5-3, 12-2 or 22, there is no additional penalty under Rule 21.

Make sure to mark your ball.

Make sure to place a ball-mark behind your ball when on the green before lifting and cleaning. The rules of golf are complicated so to avoid any penalties make sure to mark your ball correctly. It must be placed directly behind the ball in line with the pin/hole. If you would like to read the rules check out the R&A website here.

Picking up stray balls.

If, like me, you love mooching for golf balls, please take others into consideration before picking up balls you find.

When playing golf, we all come across an odd-ball lying around. If you're claiming it, always make sure you're not picking up a ball which is in play from another golfer on the course. It's easy to see if your four-ball all have their scuds in view, however, there may be players out of sight who have hooked one onto your fairway. It's just common sense and will save you from getting a polite telling off.

Don't hit the ball.

Yes, I know, I know, it's been said a million times before and will be said again after this. BUT, as strange as it sounds, in humble opinion it's true. The ball is not an object to be hit at, it's just something that lays in your swing path. If you're still reading this and you are in fact new to golf, be aware, you're going to come across many people who've been playing the game for a while will try to tell you where you are going wrong. That you're lifting your head again and all that other BS #dontlisten. My point is rather than spending £45 on a box of new golf balls which will end up in the water, rough and sometimes the hole, use that money buying yourself a golf lesson to get your game on point before getting fitted for the best balls for mid handicap golfers and just remember... It's not the ball's fault. Keep calm and carry on!

P.S Never lick your balls! Fertilizer may be present.

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